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Launch of EdIT Challenge

The Serious Games Association (Singapore) and Temasek Polytechnic’s Serious Games Hub co-developed the Education  Innovation Technology (EdIT) Challenge with the objective of leveraging on the interest of our tech-savvy generation to start them on a learning journey that would change their long-term perspective and behaviour towards handling personal health issues such as diabetes which they may face in their adult lives.

We strongly believe that when the students dig in and truly understand the problem at hand, they would be better equipped to manage and make the right/smart decision, as well as influence their families and friends.

EdIT Challenge was officially launched on the 25 February 2017 by Minister Chee Hong Tat, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Health.

This year’s EDIT Challenge hopes that through engaging the students, at Catholic High School, in creating a virtual reality (VR) mobile app to fight against diabetes, they would learn more about the chronic disease and subsequently be able to influence their family members and friends to ‘declare war on diabetes’ and make a positive change in their diet and lifestyle. 

One of the hottest current buzzwords on the media scene is virtual reality. Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Singapore: “The advent of VR or virtual reality opens a whole new realm for content creation and experiential learning. A leader in VR technology, Samsung is delighted to provide loan sets of the Samsung Gear VR to students participating in the EDIT challenge. We hope the unique experience they will have with VR will spark their interest to develop interesting content to further enrich the VR ecosystem.”

This year’s event is jointly organised with Catholic High School with the support of health partner speakers from Sengkang Health. Our official VR platform partner is Samsung. The other sponsors include Gardenia and Ayam Brand.  Participating VR technology companies includes Hiverlab, Skyopt and Warrior9.