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Welcome to the Society of Serious Games Asia. We are a body comprising of the different National Serious Apps and Games Associations or Societies in Asia. We commonly refer to ourselves as Serious Games Asia.




Whether you are in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or any other countries in the World, you are welcome to join Serious Games Asia – the society. Depending on which country you are residing in, your membership will be classified in the country where you reside. If there is no established partner association in that country at this moment, your membership will be classified under the Singapore chapter.


There are no membership fees! There are no age limit to join the association. There are also no nationality limitation to join the association. Do note that our activities are restricted to only Asia.


There are no corporate membership for Serious Games Asia Society. Corporate companies, however, can become our working partners (see partners directory). The society is opened to only individual members. You can join Serious Games Asia Society as long as you are keen to learn more about applying games, gamification or game technology.


1. From time to time, you will receive activities (training workshops, seminars, conferences, game review sessions, etc) hosted by our member countries. Some activities will be paid events while others are complimentary. Members will be entitled to special discounted rates.


2. As members, you will be updated with the latest happenings in our associations.