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Merchants by Gamelearn: A Training Game in Negotiation

Merchants: A Training Game in Negotiations


Merchants is a unique learning experience that takes place in the Venice of the 15th century. The student becomes Carlo Vecchio, a young merchant whose objective is to become the greatest merchant of the time while learning from Leonardo Da Vinci or Machiavelo.


Learners will build confidence and improve their skills by dealing with 6 real negotiation cases. They will understand the importance of knowing the interests of the other party. At the same time, learners will develop techniques to increase their negotiating power and create long-term success alliances. Eventually, the learners will learn the keys to preparing and communicating a proposal and put into practice tools to reach a more pro table agreement.


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Module I: Understanding

Case: Resolve a client con ict

The fundamentals of a negotiation. Keys to building trust. How to avoid common mistakes.


Module II: Information and Interests

Case: Negotiate a sensitive political agreement

Strategies to obtain information. Determining objectives and clarifying interests.


Module III: Flexibility

Case: Secure a business loan

Focusing on interests vs positions.
Introducing “magic” variables to increase the size of the pie.


Module IV: Criteria and Procedures

Case: Negotiate a joint venture

How to use anchor points that satisfy your interests. Managing variables during the bargaining phase. 6 essential rules to concessions. Employing objective criteria and procedures.


Module V: Communication

Case: Negotiation between sovereign nations

Checklist to prepare for your negotiation.
Keys to communicating and presenting your proposal.


Module VI: Review

Case: Hire a highly regarded manager

Extensive review and application of all you have learned.