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REHABILITY by imaginary: A Rehabilitation Game

pic-banner-blank1REHABILITY: A Rehabilitation Game Co-Designed with Patients


Serious Games Asia is working with imaginary SRL (Italian Game Developer) to test trial REHABILITY in Singapore Hospitals.


REHABILITY is a rehabilitation program including tools for motor and cognitive rehabilitation. The goal of this Rehab Game (app) is to improve the physical well being  amongst healthy older adults and aid in improving recovery amongst older stroke patients.




The Rehab Game is meant to be a support during the rehabilitation process in physical or cognitive injured users, in particular post-stroke and multiple sclerosis patients. The base idea is to encourage the users to perform specific movements, suitable with their rehabilitation process, playing games. The Rehab Game is made of different sets of games, everyone with different movements to perform and different purposes.


The first game focuses on the coordinate movements of both arms, the user controls a virtual avatar and needs to interact with virtual objects that are spawned from above the screen. The second game focuses on using and stretch a single arm, the user must move a virtual object from the centre of the screen to four different positions, according to the colour. This game exists also in another version, where the user has also to grab the object. The third game focuses on control and perform small movements with a single arm, the user must move a virtual object along a small path.




The game tracker on the screen follows the hands of the user detected by the Microsoft Kinect, so in order to let all the users to play the game without problems, even in case of really limited body mobility, Rehab Game include also a Microsoft Kinect calibration scene. For this kind of users, or a part of them, would be impossible to play with the standard behaviour of the tracking script; during the calibration scene the user must try to reach four signs placed in the four corners of the screen. The calibration script records the minimum area that the user can reach and adapts the trackers to balance their body movement limits.


RehAbility is now available for commercial purchase. Do contact Serious Games Asia if you are keen. You can download the RehAbility Brochure here.


The Rehab Game is developed by imaginary SRL in Italy. Founded in 2004, imaginary’s multi-disciplinary team has been developing innovative but practical solutions in areas such as simulations, serious games and digital interactive technologies that collect and communicate data, share knowledge, change behaviour, raise awareness, train, assess and empower staff to provide competitive advantage and build a sustainable future.


more information on imaginary SRL, please go to imaginary Homepage



For more information on REHABILITY, please download brochure here If you want to trial the game, please write to contact@seriousgamesasia.com