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Serious Games Asia – The Company

Serious Games Asia LLP is registered in 2015 as a commercial entity in Singapore; acting as a social enterprise to support the activities of the Society of Serious Games Asia and their related societies/associations.


Our services includes:


  1. Organising SGAsia events such as Education Innovation Technology Challenge, Health Innovation Technology Challenge, Serious Games Conferences and any other events deem relevant to us.


  2. Delivering high quality research services in partnership with our academic partners from the region.


  3. Serving as Games Development Project Managers representing an international portfolio of game developers/companies for serious apps & games development projects.


 1st Milestone – Establishing the Serious Games Conference Series


In 2012, when the Serious Games Association (Singapore) was formed, Mr Ivan Boo organised the first Serious Gaming and Social Connect Conference 2012. This was followed by the Serious Gaming & Social Connect Conference 2013 and subsequently changing the name to Serious Games Conference 2014 when it moved to South Korea. The last Serious Games Conference was held in 2015 in Singapore.



Ivan Boo and his committee decided to take a year off to re-group and re-strategize the approach to grow the Serious Games Conference series. It will be re-established in the Year 2017.


 2nd Milestone – Establishing the Education Innovation Technology Challenge Series


In 2013, Mr Ivan Boo initiated a social experiment by organising a environmental awareness game competition, using a serious game called Aqua Republica, developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in collaboration with DHI. The competition started with 13 teams (each team consisting of at least 2 team players) in the first year in 2013. Participating teams came from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. By 2015, the competition has expanded to 2,300 plus teams from 9 different countries. In 2016, due to differences in opinion with members of DHI team, Serious Games Asia decided to discontinue and disassociate with the ‘ECO Challenge Competition Series’ organised by DHI.


Instead, Mr Ivan Boo made use of 2016 to conceive and conceptualise the Education Innovation Technology Challenge series. It will be launch in the year 2017.


 3rd Milestone – Establishing the Health Innovation Technology Challenge Series


In 2015, Mr Ivan Boo started to conceive and conceptualise a healthcare focused competition that would be relevant to Serious Games Asia. In 2016, he launched the Health Innovation Technology Challenge (HIT Challenge).



The HIT Challenge is jointly organised between Serious Games Asia, National Healthcare Group and Infocomm Development Authority (Singapore). The MOU between the 3 parties were signed in April 2016.



The competition was focused on getting real life problem statements from clinician teams participating from the local hospitals in Singapore. The problem statements are then matched with technology companies to develop prototypes that would impress the judges at the finals. The response was very encouraging with 132 submissions coming from the clinician teams. The prototypes presented at the finals was equally impressive and that gave birth to the HIT Challenge series.



 4th Milestone – Serious Games Project Management


In 2015, Mr Ivan Boo also initiated discussions on possible Serious Games Projects with local healthcare institutions and long term care centres. There were strong interests from various healthcare institutions and government agencies to explore game solutions within their organisations. Mr Ivan Boo felt that there was a need for a commercial entity to take Serious Games Asia to the next level by representing the commercial game developers not just in Singapore but from different parts of the world. This would allow the proliferation of serious apps and games deployment but also simulate advances in the game science & technology used in the apps and games. That was when Serious Games Asia LLP was formed at the end of 2015.