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Technology Trial at O’Joy

Serious Games Asia facilitated O’Joy Care Services to complete the first technology trial for their Health Oriented Aging (HOA) programme.

Aging society is a social health issue that digital gaming solutions can address by enabling both infrastructures as advanced environments for care and patients as active people in their aging. Cost-effective patient management may be emphasized thanks to the communication protocols that allow remote monitoring and intervention by medical professionals. Services for elderly depend on their behavior and lifestyle toward personal health management.

Digital games could increase seniors’ engagement and motivation. However, few studies have looked at the acceptance of digital games by the elderly. The study here presented aims to evaluate the feasibility of a gaming rehabilitation platform. The trial was conducted in Singapore with fifty elderly practicing 30-min sessions. The trial evaluated their experience with a new tool based on game scenarios for rehabilitation.

The results are discussed in the light of Davis’ Technology Acceptance Model, highlighting mainly a good perceived usefulness of the service. This preliminary study is encouraging the spread of digital medical games for old patients.

For full report of the trial, please log into the Digital Medicine Journal: